Diet plan for weight loss veg

Losing weight is a strenuous undertaking and so is to change to a healthful eating regimen and lifestyle. Considering many of us have became to vegetarianism, it certain has introduced modifications to the way we eat food.


1.Losing weight is a strenuous mission and so is to swap to a healthful diet
2.Incorporating greater plant-based ingredients into your food plan is healthy
3.Vegetables, fruits and total grains are wonderful sources of fiber

Losing weight is a strenuous mission and so is to change to a whole some weight loss plan and lifestyle. Considering many of us have grew to become to vegetarianism, it positive has introduced modifications to the way we consume food. Incorporating extra plant-based meals into your weight loss program is simply a precise way to continue to be healthful and fit. Vegetables, fruits and total grains are fantastic sources of fiber that will assist you lose weight as they include much less amounts of fats, in addition stopping you from any fitness hazard. According to Delhi-based Nutritionist Mehar Rajput from FITPASS, “Vegetarian weight loss plan now not solely gives fiber and antioxidants how ever additionally appropriate quantity of dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, folate and diet A, C and K. This weight loss program has a herbal tendency to minimize calorie Intake. It no longer solely helps in shedding more kilograms how ever additionally helps in lowering the hazard of many serious fitness illnesses like cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, diabetes, PCOS and hypothyroid. People who replacement meat for plant proteins can minimize the danger of dealing with kidney disorders, kind two diabetes and most cancers such as prostate cancer, colon most cancers and breast cancer.”

Best Substitutes for Proteins
Chicken, fish and egg can also have easiest protein content. However, you can change over to these ingredients and fulfill the day by day requirement of proteins

Chia Seeds – Chia seeds are excessive in fiber, omega-3 fatty acid, protein, antioxidants, iron and calcium. They are a exact choice for these who are searching to change egg and non-veg from their movements diet.

Broccoli – Broccoli is excessive in many macro and micro vitamins like fiber, nutrition K, diet C, protein, iron and potassium, and it additionally has a excessive water content material (80-90% water). Vegetarians can change broccoli in area of non-veg and eggs and can never the less acquire comparable dietary values.

Mushrooms – Mushrooms are excessive in many vitamins as in contrast to the vitamins located in beans, meat and grains. Mushrooms are low in energy and sodium, fats free, gluten free, and ldl cholesterol free.

Sprouts – Sprouts are low in saturated fat, ldl cholesterol and sodium. They are a desirable supply of protein, so you can without problems substitute any non-vegetarian meals with sprouts.

Here are the two diet plans for vegetarians suggested by Nutritionist Mehar-

Diet plan for weight loss veg


Early morning- Jeera water -1 glass

Breakfast- steamed sprout chaat (1 bowl with cucumber+ tomato+ onion + lemon juice + sendha salt)

Mid-morning- soaked almonds (5-6) + green tea (1 cup)

Lunch- 2 chapatis (atta+ bran) + bean veg (1 katori) + veg raita (1 cup) + salad

Tea time- tea (1 cup with stevia) + roasted makhana (1 /2 cup)

Pre-dinner- veg soup (1 bowl with 1 tsp flax seeds – grounded)

Dinner- chapati (1-2) + lauki (1 katori) + salad


Early morning- dhaniya water-1 glass

Breakfast- besan oats cheela (1) + mint chutney (1 tsp)

Mid-morning- chia lemon water (1 glass with 1 tsp chia seeds soaked) + soaked almonds (5-6)

Lunch- 1 cup rice (boiled) + lobia curry (1 katori) + salad

Tea time- fruit – pomegranate (1 cup)

Pre-dinner- lemon water (1 cup)

Dinner- 1 chapatti (atta + bran) + capsicum mushrooms (1 katori) + salad

Vegetarian or not, you would love to follow these diet plans and lose weight the healthy way.

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